Unisem has fully equipped package reliability qualification & product analysis labs at each site to support our customers’ requirements for new package qualification testing, ongoing reliability monitoring and continuous yield improvement.

The quantitative and qualitative assessments of package reliability focus on the identification and timely elimination of processing deficiencies that degrade product performance in a real world application.

Each Unisem site has the capability to perform the standard Package Reliability Qualification and Reliability Audit Program test requirements in accordance with JESD47 standard specifications or specific customer requirements.

Standard Package Qualification and Reliability Audit Program test matrix


The reliability monitoring program is performed in each site to assure our on-going improvement in our package reliability. Unisem’s standard RAP tests reference JESD47 and Automotive RAP tests reference AEC-Q100.


The Package Analysis Labs in each of Unisem site are well equipped with state-of-art equipment combined along with our technical expertise to provide a full breadth of package level analysis and capabilities support:

• New package development and package qualification
• Material characterization
• Assembly yield loss analysis and improvement
• Reliability failure analysis and improvement
• Test failure analysis and improvement
• Reliability Audit Program