To be a leading global multinational company providing comprehensive turnkey assembly and test solutions for the evolving needs of our customers, and an exemplary corporate citizen in the communities in which we operate.

In order to achieve our vision, we are committed to:
• Provide total customer satisfaction.
• Be a caring company and employer of choice.
• Generate profits and accelerate growth.
• Develop long term win-win partnership with our business associates.
• Adhere to good corporate governance and support environmental, social and economical development of the community.
• Uphold and live our core values.

Our Core Values are:

• We value our differences and synergize to fulfill company goals and the stakeholder’s requirements.
• We hold responsibility and accountability for all tasks assigned to us.
• We practice empathic communication between all parties.
• We think win-win.
• We recognize that the foundation of a great team is mutual trust of team members.

• We involve ourselves in decision making.
• We have the courage to make promises and keep it.
• We take initiatives to seek knowledge and pursue our goals aggressively.
• We are passionate and focused in what we do.

• We show high consistency between words and deeds in our dealings with people.
• We are committed to conduct our business with a high standard of ethics and integrity.
• We trust our people and recognise their intrinsic desire to do a good job.
• We engage in open, constructive, ideological debate.
• We treat each other with respect and dignity.

Pro Active
• We encourage creativity and innovation in our work.
• We promote a learning culture so we can continuously upgrade our skills and process capabilities to adapt to new dynamic business environment.
• We plan ahead in anticipation of new challenges and opportunities.
• We do not react to changes, we initiate changes.
• We take calculated risks.
• We believe that it is far better to try and fail than not trying at all.

• We practise a culture of safe, clean and green.
• We recognise our social obligations to our stakeholders and the society and we contribute positively to our communities and environment.
• We recognise our human resources adds our greatest asset.
• We reward our people fairly.
• We practise 7 Habits daily.